About Us


Meridian Express is a network chain of retail stores, located in almost every neighborhood which can be visited by customers without having the need of using a car; it is positioned almost at the “front door of your house”. It is present in larger cities with 32 store open such as: Pristina, Gjilan, Mitrovica, Gjakova, Gjilan, Peja and Prizren.

Motto of Meridian Express "N'derë të shtëpisë" (front door of your house) has in focus the neighborhood customers and those customers who frequent food stores of neighborhoods every day.

The main purpose of Meridian Express is to bring the customer closer by offering the most advanced products especially in confessionary products, bread, fruit and vegetables.

Consequently Meridian Express strives to serve it’s customers in every neighborhood, by saving their time, offering fresh products, in a very pleasant environment for shopping and very friendly service. In addition, Meridian Express from the first day continues to grant it’s loyal customers by rewarding them for every purchase they make through the Loyalty Program.

Meridian Express is focused in small and medium stores in urban neighborhoods. Initially, this chain will extend to larger cities in Kosovo and later in the second wave of expansion it is planned to be present in smaller towns and in the third wave in the dense areas. Today, this chain has generated high value not only for the clients but also for Kosovo’s economy by providing nearly 230 jobs, thus this has given a good opportunity for promotion and advancement of qualified employees.

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