Loyalty Program

Meridian Express since the opening of the first stores, launched for the first time instead of the loyalty program "Kartela Ime". To become part of this program, the procedure is very simple, without charge, by filling out the form with personal data at all stores Meridian Express, being equipped with permanent card immediately.

Why you should obtain a loyalty card? - Through the loyalty card you become a loyal customer, in the most successful program in the country, being participating in all activities promotional organized by Meridian Express.

The manner of calculation of points? -For every purchase that you make, you will accumulate points. 1 € calculated as one point, i.e. if you buy in the amount of € 100 you will get 100 points. Depending on the number of points collected, you choose a gift with certain points. The catalogue of Loyalty Program will changes every 12 months. Points collected does not lose until the customer decides to convert them into gift.

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