Mision and Vision

Company Mission: " To offer services and advanced products on the market which fulfill the needs of all customers, and this we trying to achieve through the sustainable principles which we refrain as company :

Ø  Stores: 36 markets in major cities of Kosovo, network expansion with the opening of new supermarkets offering “in front of the door” meeting the requirements for a very short time.

Ø  Services / products: assortment of essential products, saline and sweet , drinks , hygiene products , fresh fruit and vegetables and readiness staff to assist the purchase of each customer.

Ø  Customers: " Meridian Express always treats you the first "

Ø  Bread: healthy and rich content of rye and wheat, combined with oats, flax seeds, different types of sandwiches, coffee and special taste of cakes.

Ø  Social Responsibility: Always on supporting of initiatives that improve social responsibility country .

Ø  Development Opportunity : Provide a proper job market, training, internal and external, which provide opportunities for professional advancement .

Ø  Competitive advantage: Subscription Loyalty Program, Partnership with different companies by providing certain discounts , and discounts for businesses HO.RE.CA too.

Company Vision :

Meridian Express Company aims to become the leader and irreplaceable network of neighborhood supermarkets throughout the territory of Kosovo , in meeting the demands of retail sales respectively in offering wide assortment of food / hygiene .




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