“Round the Bill” – help the children of SOS Village by buying in Meridian Express!

Neighborhood retail chain store, Meridian Express, for the third year in a row during the sacred month of Ramadan, in partnership with the SOS children villages – launched the “Round the Bill” campaign. This campaign enables all customers to make their contributions for SOS Village in all stores of Meridian Express.

For example, suppose that your bill’s value is 4.97 euros (incl. VAT), then should the customer choose to pay 5 euros, they would be making a donation of 3 cents for the children of SOS village. In order for the campaign to be more transparent, each of the donated amount will be displayed on the bill (just like products will be shown).

This is another meaningful initiative – a Meridian Express tradition, that enables customers to donate for the children of SOS village.